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Agent/Disease Test Sample Test days or Turnaround Time
More Fecal Trypsin screen Feces Daily
More Yersinia spp. Culture Tissue (GI segment), Feces 3-7 days
More Wound Culture Panel BAERCULT - Aerobic Culture, BANOCULT - Anaerobic Culture, BFUNGCULT - Fungal Culture Sample - wound swabs, wound discharge, tissues
More Western Equine Encephalitis (WEE) WEE SN - antibody titer test Serum, Red Top Tube (RTT). Serum Separator Tube (SST) 5-7 days
More West Nile Virus SN titer - antibody Serum, Red Top Tube (RTT). Serum Separator Tube (SST) 5-7 days
More West Nile Virus West Nile Virus PCR Avian & Reptiles: 1. Tissues including brain, heart, kidney; 2. EDTA whole blood (at least 0.5 mL), 3. Oropharyngeal/Cloacal swab. Mammals: 1. Tissues including brain and spinal cord; 2. Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) 2-3 business days
More West Nile Virus ELISA - IgM antibody Serum (red top tube) 2-5 days
More Wellness Panel CBC/DIFF, Pancreatic Profile (Chemistry panel and amylase, lipase), T4, Urinalysis, Fecal float EDTA 3 mL, 2 Blood smears, Serum 2 mL, Urine, Fecal Daily
More Virus FA - antigen Fresh tissues 1-2 days
More Virus Virus isolation Affected tissues, Body fluids 20-45 days
More Vesicular Stomatitis SN titer - New Jersey Serum, Red Top Tube (RTT). Serum Separator Tube (SST) 5-7 days
More Vesicular Stomatitis SN titer - Indiana Serum, Red Top Tube (RTT). Serum Separator Tube (SST) 5-7 days
More Urine pH Urine pH Urine Daily
More Urine Protein/ Creatinine Urine Prot/Creat Urine Daily
More Urine Microscopic Urine Microscopic Only Urine Daily
More Urine Magnesium Urine Magnesium Urine Daily
More Urine Electrolytes Urine Electrolytes 1-5 ml of Urine Daily
More Urine Creatinine Urine Creatinine Urine Daily
More Urine Cortisol/ Creatinine Ratio Urine Cortisol/ Creatinine Ratio Urine Daily
More Urine Cortisol Urine Cortisol Urine Daily
More Urine Chemistry Profile Urine Na, K, Cl, Mg, and Calcium Urine Daily
More Urine Calcium Urine Calcium Urine Daily
More Urinalysis Urine Analysis with microscopic sediment exam Urine Daily
More Urinalysis Urinalysis Urine Daily
More Uric Acid Uric Acid Serum removed from the clot. Lithium or Heparin Plasma removed from the cells. Daily
More Ureaplasma Culture Tissue 5-7 days
More Urea Nitrogen BUN Serum removed from clot Daily
More Turtle Respiratory PCR Panel Ranavirus PCR, Herpesvirus PCR with sequencing, Mycoplasma PCR with sequencing swab, tissue 3-5 business days
More Turtle Mycoplasma spp. PCR Oral, cloacal, nasal, ocular swabs and nasal washes 2-5 business days
More Tritrichomonas foetus Pooled PCR individual preputial washes- In Pouches 2-4 business days