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Agent/Disease Test Sample Test days or Turnaround Time
More TGE FA - antigen Fresh tissues 5-10 days
More TGE Virus Isolation Fresh tissues 20-30 days
More TSH (send out) Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (send out) Serum (red top tube-Serum separated from clot) 1 ml Daily
More Thyroid Panel 1 Any 1 of the following tests: T4, FT4, T3, FT3 Serum Daily
More Thyroid Panel 2 Any 2 of the following tests: T4, FT4, T3, FT3 Serum Daily
More Thyroid Panel 3 Any 3 of the following Tests: T4, FT4, T3, FT3 Serum Daily
More Thyroid Panel 4 Thyroid Panel 4 includes T4,FT4, T3, FT3 Serum Daily
More Total Bilirubin Total Bilirubin Serum removed from clot. Lithium Heparin Plasma removed from cells. Daily
More Total Protein Total Protein Daily
More Toxicology All toxicology tests Varies by test Varies by test
More Toxoplasma gondii PCR Fresh tissues such as placenta, brain and heart of bovine, caprine, ovine and kangaroo 2-3 business days
More Triglyceride Triglyceride Serum removed from the clot. Lithium Heparin plasma removed from the cells. Daily
More Tritrichomonas Culture Preputial washes, Fetal tissue, Cat feces 5-7 days
More Tritrichomonas foetus PCR preputial wash (specimen can be direct PBS/saline wash in a red top tube or collected in a culture pouch), cat feces (at least 2 grams in a clean leak-proof container), fetal tissues 2-3 business days
More Tritrichomonas foetus culture and PCR Preputial wash, vaginal scraping in culture pouch 5-7 business days
More Tritrichomonas foetus Pooled PCR individual preputial washes- In Pouches 2-4 business days
More Turtle Mycoplasma spp. PCR Oral, cloacal, nasal, ocular swabs and nasal washes 2-5 business days
More Turtle Respiratory PCR Panel Ranavirus PCR, Herpesvirus PCR with sequencing, Mycoplasma PCR with sequencing swab, tissue 3-5 business days