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Agent/Disease Test Sample Test days or Turnaround Time
More Rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus 2 (RHDV2) PCR EDTA whole blood (0.5 mL), tissues including lung, liver and spleen 2-3 business days
More Ranavirus PCR Fresh tissues such as liver, spleen and kidney 2-3 business days
More Reticulocyte Count Reticulocyte Count EDTA blood Daily
More Rhodococcus spp. Culture Affected tissue, Body fluids, Swabs, Feces 2 -7 days
More Rotavirus (bovine, ovine and quine) PCR Feces and GI tissue. Please submit at least 1 gram of feces in a clean leak-proof container. 2-3 business days
More Rotavirus A Rotavirus A ELISA feces 2-5 business days
More Rotavirus,Coronavirus Rota/Coro PCR Combo Feces and GI tissue (Please submit at least 1 gram of feces in a clean leak-proof container.) 2-4 business days